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Customer's Testimonials

Here we will have comments from recent clients to let you know what our customers think about our service.

Mindy C.
Santa Clarita, CA
 96 friends
 8 reviews
 3 photos
5.0 star rating 6/25/2015
If you need anything moved, call TOM. AMAZING! Very professional, came the next day in the morning,
called ahead when he was on the way, was on time, and moved my piano down a full flight of
stairs all by himself! Wow!! He is strong, has the right equipment, and has 20 years experience.
He knows what he's doing! Thank you so much Tom! - Little School of Music

I honestly feel from the bottom of my heart, so truly grateful and so lucky to have found Tom's Moving and Storage! 

First of all, I am a busy graduate student, so I rarely leave feedback or reviews because I'm busy as it is and I have too much going on in my mind to remember to leave them. But this experience left such a positive impression I feel leaving a five start rating is the least I can do! With that said, what matters to me most is not just the quality of the product or service (although they DO have to be superb) but that combined with a kind energy coming from the person/company providing the service makes all the difference! 

So long story short, I had to unexpectedly move from upstairs to a downstairs bedroom, all within 24 hour notice, so everything really was last minute! I was so frazzled, I didn't know where to start! Most places do not open on the weekends but I found out that Tom's Moving and Storage is 24/7! And they take calls right away! Score! 

A kind gentleman by the name of Tom answered and was able to guide me throughout the process, and he was so incredibly efficient! He quoted me a price that was more than fair, especially at last minute notice, and was so professional in terms of when to expect them. They arrived within one hour of me making my request! 

In addition, Tom was able to move my treadmill (which is HEAVY) as easily as if it was paper, downstairs, and so quickly too! I've seen two men struggle with moving my treadmilll but Tom was able to do it all by himself in half the time. 

As much as Tom is strong and efficient (he's had years of experience with moving and storage so that he does everything so knowledgeably and so efficiently) he has such a good soul! Really! I had to go back and forth out of the house to run a few errands but he just patiently waited till i got back even though he finished so early on because he's that efficient. He is so kind, patient, and understanding, he's got a teddy-bear heart!  And he wants his customers to be satisfied and pleased with your setting, he wanted to make sure that my treadmill was where I exactly wanted it to be so that I'd be able to run as comfortably as I can, so he's kind of like an artist/designer in a way, he wants it to look nice for you. During my frazzled state of mind, he was able to attend to all my moving needs: having to move at the last minute, having to move large heavy things, situating the treadmill so that it fits perfectly, me having a budget etc etc. 

If you need things moved, or if you are moving somewhere, choose this company! You'll save yourself the stress and things will be flawless and easy with their help!

"Our company has been looking for a reliable partner for our transportation services needs. We have been working with your company for six months now, and we think we are finally done looking." - Debbie, Boston

"I have had so many bad moving experiences in the past. I was so pleased when everything went well right from the beginning with your company." - John, Chicago

"The limo you provided for our wedding was beautiful. We had a great time and the driver was very friendly. Thank you again for helping to make our wedding a special day." - Jim and Nancy "Prize winners" 


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